Eating for recovery

Eating for recovery

So, you have just had a heavy weight-lifting session in the gym? Or just finished with your speed session on the track…? Now what?

It is important to refuel your body correctly for your next training session. After a very intense training session or an event, we have to replace energy, fluids, electrolytes and glycogen that has been used or lost during the training. It is of vital importance to refuel correctly if you want to (1) train on consecutive days, (2) you want to train twice per day or (3) if the type of training you are doing is very intense. It is very important to chose the correct food, and also to pay special attention to the timing of your meals. You should opt for a small snack or meal (carbohydrates and protein) within 30 minutes after your session. Then, later… when you have had a shower/bath and a change of clothes – you can start preparing a real, proper, balanced meal.

When you are training very hard or had a very intense training session you will experience some muscle damage, depleted glycogen stores and possibly some dehydration. It is therefor important t focus on protein, carbohydrates and fluids.


It is important to consume some good quality protein after training hard. Consumption of protein will lead to muscles being repaired, maintained and even growing. Some examples of protein rich food include milk, yoghurt, eggs, Biltong, High Protein FutureLife, DanPro, Tuna or any other meat products.


Carbohydrates plays a very big role in refueling and recovering after training as it is used to refill and replace energy stores in the muscles and liver (called glycogen). Examples of good carbohydrates to include after training includes fruit, yoghurt, whole wheat bread etc.


It is important to also replace the fluids you lost while training. If the training session wasn’t very intense, plain water would do the trick… If you were sweating more than usual, if it was a very long session or if it was very hot – an energy drink could be considered, or an electrolyte-containing drink (such as PowerAid, Energade or Rehidrat)

Examples of easy-on-the-go recovery meals:

– FutureLife High Protein shake (which is great, you can pack it into your tog bag and mix it with water after the training session)
– Egg and mayo or Peanut Butter sandwich (you can either pack this in for yourself, or get it from a shop on your way back from training or the event)
– Chocolate milk (Steri-Stumpi just launched a high protein milk drink)
– Biltong with a fruit or yoghurt
– Boiled egg with fruit or yoghurt
– DanPro Drinking Yoghurt (Wow! 20g of pure protein in one serving)

Remember – Your performance will only be as good as your recovery!

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