Spotlight on Pecans…

Spotlight on Pecans…

Pecan nuts have many different advantages. They are high in many different beneficial nutrients.

Our NutriFundi-dietitian conducted an interview on this hot topic on the #GROOTPlaas breakfast show on KykNet (Channel 144). You can watch the video below.

We don’t always have to use Pecan nuts in sweet dishes, they can also be used in some warm salads in winter.

Chanelle was also interviewed on RSG on the radio a few days later on the same topic, you can listen to that interview by clicking HERE.

Do you want to use Pecan nuts in some of your dishes? Please do!! Make sure that you stick to some sort of portion control – even though they are really healthy; they are still a source of fat and can lead to weight gain if not eaten in the correct amounts.

Click HERE for some inspiration on how to use pecan nuts in a salad.

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