Potatoes – Friend or enemy?

Potatoes – Friend or enemy?

In recent years potatoes have definitely been getting some bad publicity, but are they really our enemy?

Yes – too much of a good thing isn’t always better. In the correct portions we can definitely enjoy potatoes in a balance diet.

Potatoes are very high in potassium. Furthermore, potatoes are high in Vitamin A, B and C.

We should also focus on how we prepare potatoes. We should focus on what we are adding into the potatoes, such as bad, unhealthy saturated fats. But also what we are taking out of the potatoes when we cook them. Try to cook the potatoes with their skin on, as this will help to preserve the nutrients.

Our dietitian (Chanelle Retief) recently spoke to Elsa on the #GROOTPlaas morning show on KykNet on this topic.

View video of the interview below.

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